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DVI to HDMI conversion

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February 22, 2005 6:04:55 PM

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I have a Samsung HLP 5085 which has among its inputs seperate HDMI and DVI
inputs. But of course I have 2 DVI devices, so I have just ordered a male
DVI to male HDMI cable, which I hope(d) would solve my problem. But then it
occured to me that while the DVI features a seperate L-R audio input, the
HDMI socket expects audio/video from the same plug!

Looking at the illustration of what I bought (from Ebay) I can see no
provision for add in audio as it were.

I know that I can solve this problem by using Dolby Digital (and probably
will), but it's nice to have 'casual' audio to watch a program without
firing up the stereo.

Any ideas?

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February 23, 2005 2:20:27 AM

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You would have to buy an active device (vs. a passive cable) to do
`Discrete-Audio + DVI <=> HDMI'.

Think of the DVI and HDMI links as a continuous string of box cars (long
train) that can carry arbitrary packages. As the box cars pass by, video
packages, audio packages and HDCP control packages, to name a few, can be
tossed on. DVI can load and unload the video and HDCP packages, but ignores
the audio packages. HDMI can handle all 3 package types.

Thomas Gilg