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hi guys had my ipad for a while now and have near enough used all the 16gb with music, movies etc. i was wondering is there a way i can stream movies to my ipad instead of converting them everytime and then sending them over via itunes? im all new to apple so have no idea. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Use netfix app, hulu, etc...
  2. Well, you may take a try at air video which sell in price for $2.99 in app store, it would help you stream video to your ipad on fly,
    there is also a free trial version for Air Video, but the limits of the trial version are the number of displayed items in each folder, or you may try another free alternative for air video,
  3. If you have a media player such as from WD, you can try the Homefree AVplus from Avermedia. For any movie as long as your media player can play, connect to Homefree, then it will stream to iPad. The iPad apps is free but the box cost around 150, it also stream digital TV to your iPad too.
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