Outlook 2003 works intermittently on Windows 7

I have a new HP Notebook with Windows 7. Downloaded my old Office 2003. However, Outlook only works intermittently without any rhyme or reason. I've kept a log since August 5 for being on and being off. It is mostly off. The # of the error message that comes up is (0x800CCC0F0), it says: "The connection of the server was interrupted. If this problem continues, contact our server administrator or Internet service provider." My internet provider is AT&T u-verse, they tell me that they do not deal with Outlook problems, I should use webmail. Of course I use it to get my emails but don't anybody tell me what to use, I have used Outlook for the past 15+ years and I intend to continue using it. I use the very unimaginative webmail out of necessity. AT&T also tells me that that I can subscribe with a one year contact $ 15 a month to their special service to address my type of problem. That is not in my budget. Can you please help me? Thanks, MIT
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  1. Sorry, but Outlook 2003 is not supported on Windows 7.
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    Sorry, but Outlook 2003 is not supported on Windows 7.

    Dear Grumpy, thank you for your reply, however the question still exists, why has it worked intermittently?
  3. Sorry to say Outlook 2003 works just fine on Win7... Don't know why you are having problems though.
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    According to Microsoft, Office 2003 is compatible with Windows 7. I wouldn't recommend it though. Is it financially possible for you to upgrade to 2007? If not, have you tried removing and reinstalling 2003 yet? Doing so should not mess with any data or Office application settings. That data is not modified (or removed) by the Office installer.

    If that fails, does AT&T have any documentation on their site about configuring Outlook to access their mail servers? Most ISP's do, even if their support staff tell you to use their own webmail service instead.
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  6. I did uninstall Office 2003 shut down the computer, turned it on, reinstalled Office 2003 from the original CD with Product key, shut down the computer, booted it up again, the EOL comes up again as it did in the past, so I accept, then go to Outlook email, check in the tools the email account, surprisingly I did not have to put it in but the old good setting came up, however, no email receiving, the same way as before. I have been through the sites that AT&T techie recommended, did whatever I had to do, nothing helped. I am at square one, no Outlook email. And now not for 5 days, none at all, not even intermittently. I still need help please. Thanks, Maryll
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