Can't Uninstall Microsoft Live Family Safety

Hi everyone, thanks in advance for your time. I installed Microsoft Live Family Safety program but it never worked correctly, often blocking us from the internet all together no matter what my setting are. I have to disable the entire program before I can open the internet at all. I have tried several times to unistall the program from the control panel add/remove programs and get message that says I cannot uninstall. I am logged on as the admin and it is Windows XP. I was wondering if I could try booting up in safe mode and uninstalling? That won't typically cause any harm will it?
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  1. It won't cause any harm, give it a shot.

    If it doesn't work, you can try revo uninstaller.
  2. Thanks aford10!
  3. try this, i use it all the time and its really good one.
  4. you have 6 for a free fix!
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