Any good computer monitoring software?

I have a 13 year old who is very computer savvy and I am concerned about internet predators. I just learned about keyloggers and am very interested in getting one, free if possible. Does anyone know of a FREE keylogger that is hard to find, for example, if he were to look for it and try to uninstall it. I searched keylogger for mac on google and got some like Amac Keylogger. It seems that this keylogger is very popular online, but I know nothing about it. Have any more informative suggestions for me?
Thx a lot.
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  1. Not a keylogger but a nice app!

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  2. 13 and try to use keylogger to monitor other users?! I don't think we are here to encourage people to violate others privacy.
  3. Heres the deal, if your 13 year old is more computer savvy than you a key logger is useless, its merely a hindrance and an easy way for them to acquire your passwords.

    Try having an actual conversation about internet safety with your child, because there is no software that you can find and figure out how to use that they cant deactivate. I was a computer savvy teenager not too long ago, one thing i remember, parental controls just slow down the parents, teach the kid right from the start and you wont have a problem, but any problems they do encounter are on you.

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