Good PSU for AMD Radeon X2900 XT Crossfire

Hey guys im looking for a good PSU for running 2 AMD Radeon X2900 XT's in CrossFire.
Right now ive got a Hiper Typer-R 580W PSU in my computer but im not sure if it will be good enough.
My PC specs are:
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 @ 2997 Mhz
PowerColor AMD Radeon X2900 XT
2 GB Corsair DDR2 PC6400 @ 4-4-4-12
2x Samsung 250 GB SATA Disks RAID 0

Ill be adding another AMD Radeon X2900 XT to my setup so im not sure if my current PSU could handle the job or if ill need a more powerful PSU because ive head running CrossFire with those cards requires over 700W of power.
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  1. get something of at least the strength of the thermaltake toughpower 750W, preferable the PC P&C silencer 750W, anything more will be better though
  2. There are a lot of cheap psus on the market that will handle 2 2900xt. But since I believe you want to OC, you'll need 2xpcie 8pin and 2xpcie 6pin, and these are not cheap.
    I searched newegg and these are the "cheapest" ones with 2x8 pin:


    Antec TPQ-850 - $249

    GIGABYTE ODIN GE-S800A-D1 - $249

    SILVERSTONE ST1000 - $249

    If you don't want to OC, this is the best and cheapest psu on the market that will handle two 2900xt:

    Thermaltake ToughPower W0106RU 700W - $140 after rebate

    It will deliver 56A on the 12V rails with 2x6 pin pcie connectors. You just have to plug the other pcie adapters supplied with the card.

    EDIT - I'm just aware that you can OC via the latest ATI TOOL released without 8 pin pcie connectors instead using OVERDRIVE. So, the TT ToughPower will fit like a glove :D
  3. DON'T get the TT TP 700W, it is a POS compared to the 750W, the 750W isn't much more expensive but it is much better quality, and also, note, if you do get the TT TP 750W, to make sure you don't overload the rails, plug one of the hard wired PCIE powers in to each card and have a modular one in each card, because the hard wired ones are on the same rail, but the modular ones are on 2 different rails or something...
  4. Quote:
    DON'T get the TT TP 700W, it is a POS compared to the 750W

    do you make them? what's the difference? links?
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