Fresh MCE install on SATA RAID 0

Hello :)

I'm intending to rebuild my system and was after suggestions on what the optimum stripe size, cluster size, and partitioning would be on my setup.

The drives are 2x old first generation SATA (Seagate ST3160023AS) which will be using RAID 0 on an on-board Silicon Image SiL3112 controller on a Gigabyte 8KNXP motherboard.

I have an external 500MB drive for backup purposes.
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  1. TBH, going with raid 0 may be a waste, if you dont have very specific uses for it... with that said, a single hdd for the OS is probably the more ideal way to go for general windows usage, gaming, etc

    however, if your uses are more raid-centric (media editing, large file transferring, disk thrashing even)... then i can say you should probably choose the largest stripe size you can, to handle the larger sized files... the default 4k cluster size is probably fine (though you can go larger, while occupying more space as a consequence, i remember reading before that the cluster size should be about equal to the stripe size, memory is a little fuzzy on that though), and partitioning for large files wont serve much point other than for organizing data... so that would just be a matter of preference really
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