Anyone else had this happen to them? Get into Desktop then no response

I'm running xp on a desktop with

Athlon 64 X2 3800+
160 GB WD HD
Asus A8R-MVP Motherboard
2 GB ram
ATI X800 series video card

When I boot up I get all the way to the desktop and then BOOM, the mouse will move around but clicking on anything is unresponsive, hit the start key on the keybord is unresponsive, ctrl+alt+del is unresponsive.

I've used UBCD4win and ran antivirus and malwarebytes, nothing.

I've been able to backup most of my important files and I'm looking for my Outlook email data, but I can't find it. I know it's a .pst file but Ubcd4win doesn't have a search feature (at least my disk doesn't).

Has this ever happened to anyone? I really just wanna know if it's a virus/malware or if it's hardware. I don't think it's hardware and if it isn't I don't wanna have to reinstall the os and all my programs...not to mention I can't find some of my program disks! I need help please!
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  1. Well, I found the search feature on my ubcd disk and found the outlook.pst file as well as the archive.pst.

    I suppose my next step is to just reinstall and re-buy software if I can't find it and hope it was a software issue and not hardware. I was planning on upgrading this machine but money got tight at the company so I gotta get it working.
  2. Try running chkdsk /r on the hard drive.
  3. yea its happened to me one time and i found disabling some start up eliminated the problem.

    try urs self see if thats the case.
  4. Yes, I just had it happen the other day. Boot directly into your your XP cd and go into recovery console(if you don't know how to do this, there are many threads that describe the procedure.) In the directory %windir%\system32\drivers delete the file sr.sys by typing the command "del sr.sys" without the quotes, then enter. Then type "Exit" and it will reboot normally. This may just fix you up.
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