Notebook hard drive recommendation

I'm thinking about upgrading my old 40GB 4200rpm notebook drive. My requirements are:

- Ultra ATA
- min 80GB
- a drive that does not heat much (cooling system in my notebook is not effective enough)

Any suggestions?

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  1. heres one that should be a noticable jump in performance and capacity above your 40GB (though the 5400rpms might be the only problem, as far as cooling and battery life goes, but if its not a problem, then it should work just fine)**.node1%7D/product/4753689;jsessionid=kdS9ndPCHErQW1rQqL1vLw**.node1?site=sr:SEARCH:MAIN_RSLT_PG
  2. Energy Consumption should equate fairly well to required heat dispenstation.

    The article should help you find a drive that meets your needs.
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