Sony Vegas Using More of CPU Than I Have Set

Title explains it mostly, I only have a stock cooler for my intel i5 2500k right now (buying a new cooler soon). But as of right now, the stock cooler isn't exactly amazing, when CPU gets under 85-100% load CPU temp reaches up to 86 degrees celsius, not good!

So I figured I would set vegas to only make use of 2 cores, 2 threads, w/e. Anyway, after doing that it continues to use all 4 and heat up my CPU to those temperatures.

Once I even let the rendering run anyway, it reached those temps, when it got to the end of rendering, I got a message regarding lack of memory or something of the sort. So my CPU was risked for nothing!

Anyway does anyone have a solution, I don't feel like not being able to render any videos for a couple weeks before I can get a new CPU cooler.

Thanks in advance.

Decided to just order a nice aftermarket cooler. That way I can render on full speed and OC my machine without fear rather than having to underuse it to keep it cool. But if anyone can help me sort out my issue still so I can render while I wait for the new cooler to get here I'd appreciate it.
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  1. Hi Vortron, with load temps that high I have to advise you that it probably isn't an issue with the stock heatsink itself. Even the stock heatsink under full load using prime 95 shouldn't be reaching the temps you are getting. I know you are replacing it, but in the meantime you may want to do the following:

    - Make sure that the heatsink is in fact secured down properly. With the push pin heatsinks on the new sandy bridge CPU's they take quite a bit of pressure to be fully secured. And even when you think it is down entirely, it may not be - I have done a few builds and even trouble-shooting a few for other people and this can be the case many times.
    - Did you use the stock thermal paste pad that came with the heatsink, or did you scrape it off and apply some aftermarket thermal paste? The stuff that comes applied on the heatsink isn't the best, but it still should help you reach temps much lower than you are.
    - What is your ambient temp in the room? Temps such as 30-35c might explain a bit higher load/idle temp for you.

    I hope you have ordered a decent cooler, but in the meantime I would suggest you take a closer look at the heatsink to make sure it's secured proprely. If you find out it is, and your temps are still this high... then I can suggest some other items such as what you are trying to do.
  2. ^+ 1 good advice

    depending which version of Vegas you do have the option of network rendering
    any other windows machine on your network can be fed the render jobs
    so if you have another tower idle
    you can just send the render job over to that machine
    just need to install vegas on the render machine and run the render

    I had a ton of videos to load on a PSP and I just sent a batch render over to
    another machine and let it render for hours
    didnt take up my cpu cycles that way
  3. Thank you both, I've ordered a Coolermaster Hyper 212+, only after hearing very good things, it should arrive tomorrow.

    As far as securing the cooler, I'm positive it's properly in place, that was the first thing I checked. I did however use the thermal paste that came on the cooler, but as you said, that should not cause the temperatures to be this high.

    I really don't need any other suggestions (not trying to be rude, just the new cooler should be here tomorrow removing this issue, if not I'll be pretty upset).

    Still have no clue what would ever cause the temperatures to get that high, hopefully the new cooler solves it and it isn't a CPU or MOBO issue.

    Anyway thanks again, and this is the first place I'll come if the temperatures are still high after the new cooler is installed.
  4. Don't worry it didn't come across as rude, I know where your coming from... you already ordered and should receive the new cooler so theres no point in trying to resolve issues with the old one.

    That 212+ is a great cooler for the price, as long as you aren't doing any extreme overclocking. I hope it goes well for you. I can't recall what thermal paste comes with the 212, but I might also suggest picking up some if you don't already have.
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