Need Help setting up a CNC Machine Shop

Alright well here goes. My dad asked me on Friday if I would look into setting his CNC machines up on a network for him. He said if I did he would pay for half of my new computer.

All 6 machines are connected by a cable for RS232 ports. His current setup is he has a computer in the front of his shop connected with the cable and then he manually connects the other end to whatever machine he wants to transfer the program file to.

My idea was to find a way to have all 6 machines connected to a router so he could just transfer files without having to switch the cable to a new machine every time a new program needed to be transferred.

Anyone have any suggestions?
Thanks for the help

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  1. Bump
  2. What version of Windows? Is there a NIC in each computer? How do you expect anyone to answer your question without any information?

  3. Windows XP . and by niC in each computer you mean machine right? All they have for data import and export is that serial port.
  4. If you going to connect every PC to a router, each one needs a NIC (Network Interface Card) with a Ethernet cable running to it from the router.

  5. Thanks for the help but you dont know CNC so its hard to get help :p.

    for anyone ever searching for this again
  6. No, you don't know what you're talking about. In your original post you asked about a router which implies networking (and you posted in the Networking forum). I most certainly know what Computer Numerical Control is since I worked for a CAD/CAM software company for 20 years. Next time try asking the correct question.

  7. If all they have are serial port interfaces your best bet would be to find some kind of serial port switch. Something like should work but a 6 selection. Get more cables and just leave them hooked up all the time. If the cnc machines do not have any kind of expansion ports that you could put a nic in, I dont think you can network them with normal network protocols.
  8. Hi Dennis,

    You may be able to get by with a RS-232 to Ethernet convert, then buy a ethernet switch to connect all the cabling. The only problem I see would be that you'll need multiple RS-232 ports on one single computer for your scenario to work as you want.

    Here is a link to a RS-232/Ethernet converter that may help

    Also I stumbled across this as well, it looks like just what you need as well. Would help very much in connecting those CNC machines to a standard Ethernet TCP/IP network.
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