After using Microsoft Works Word Processor for several years, I am suddenly having problems with it loading up like it use to. I have to wait several minutes before it will load, and then when it does load and I try to copy and paste it stops working! Should I re-install it? If so, how would I go about that without losing all of my documents?

Any help would be appreciated, in LAMENS terms please!
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  2. You can safely uninstall it without losing your documents. The program itself doesn't hold all of our document information, but just acts as the program that opens and allows editing of them. You should find where they are located, but it could possibly be in your documents or something similar.

    You could try either re-installing it, or possibly setting your computer back to an earlier restore point before you had the problems. Hopefully it only happened a day ago, as it's not the best idea to restore several weeks or a month in the past as it will negate other changes you have made to the computer.

    I hope this is simplified enough, but if you have any questions about it please let me know.
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