So I just built an HTPC with the new AMD A8 APU. I'm running Windows 7 Home 64 and would like to stream all of my video from my NAS using XBMC.

The only way video will stream smoothly without stutter is with Windows Media Player Classic. If I try to play a video with VLC and XBMC it stutters throughout the entire video.

In XBMC I have turned on hardware acceleration but that doesn't seem to do anything.

Is there some sort of GPU configuration that I'm missing? I have the latest drivers as well as the K-Lite codec pack, but I believe XBMC doesn't even use external codecs.

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  1. How fast is the connection between the components? If it's wireless, is there a lot of distance between them? Try using ethernet on everything if it is wireless?
  2. Ethernet. Not a great distance. Gigabit networking hardware. Shouldn't be a network related issue since video streams perfectly with Windows Media Player classic.
  3. It may buffer things more than the other players and play it smoother at the end. I don't really know though.

    Have you tried different video formats? Say streaming a DIVX file vs a VOB dvd file, etc...?
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