IPod isn't detected by iTunes/W7 laptop

I have a 120 GB Classic iPod. I've had it for a couple years, and I managed it with my old laptop (Vista). I got a new laptop (W7) recently so I copied my iTunes library on to a external HDD and moved it to the new laptop. I tried to use it with my new laptop for the first time several days ago, but it wasn't detected.

When I plug it in or remove it the backlight comes on, but neither my laptop, iPod, or iTunes show any indication that the iPod is actually connected. No sync screen on the iPod, no data popping up in iTunes, no USB device connection manager on my toolbar. What's going on? I tried resetting the iPod, but that didn't work.

Yesterday, I decided to do a little experimenting. I tried my iPod with my new laptop. It didn't work. I tried both USB 2.0 ports but no dice. I poked around in the device manager and didn't see anything that I thought might correspond with an iPod. No "USB mass storage device" or anything like that.

I tried my iPod with my old laptop and it did work.

I decided to pop in my new laptop a never before opened flash drive that I purchased recently. It installed properly. I checked both USB ports and it was detected in both of them.

Today, I even uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes in accordance with these steps and still no progress:

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  1. Bad USB cable.
    Buy a new one.
  2. ^ Most likely True
    Run Your iPod Adapter though a know good USB extension cable:
    If the cable works good with both computers with the flash drive the port on you iPod cable is mostelikely not making good connection with your new laptop.
    Now trie connecting the iPod cable to the USB extension.
  3. Why would the cable work okay with the old laptop but not with the new one?
  4. Can u update your iPod firmware using old laptop and see what happen?
  5. And also try to inspect the USB cable or try different one. For no apparent reason it may help to work sometimes.

    I had a printer where cable was no go, while other device have been working on it and they still do work, but the printer still won't budge.
  6. How did you copy your library over?

    Plug in your Ipod, go to the control panel-->system-->device manager-->uninstall all the USB root hubs, and restart. This will detect new hardware.
  7. aford10 said:
    How did you copy your library over?

    I followed these instructions for using an external HDD:

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