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Hello Guys,

I'm having an issues at work with Excel.

I'm trying to open files that are 15-30MB and having to wait at least 5-10minutes opening.

As they are not large files I'm curious into what might be the cause.
I've tried shrinking and removing unused collums still no luck.

All the files share password protection but I doubt this is the cause.

Any advise or procedures would be fantastic as I'm totally out of idea's.

I can open 80-100MB excel files with no issues.

Now that I think about it would 30-60 large formulars be an issue?


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  1. Yes it might be the formulas or macros, depending what the excel files contains as well.
    Try copying the data on another excel sheet and paste special as test, save it and re-open. See if it works!
  2. You mention they aren't large files, but do they contain a lot of sheets, formulas, macros, etc..? Because this can be what it bogging it down most times..

    I have had a similar situation where I could open up a simple, but large 100MB excel file in almost on time. But I have a very complex spreadsheet with a lot of sheet cross-referencing that took about 2-5 minutes to open up.

    If it's becoming a big hassle for you I might suggest any of the following:
    - Change the workbook calculation to Manual model... and that way it won't try and calculate everything when you open it every time (if you have a lot of them)
    - If at all possible remove extraneous information from the workbook to trim it down
    - If at all possible try and split the spreadsheet into multiples to try and figure out where the problem lies.

    These are just a few suggestion, the first of which I think may help the most.
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