Asus g1s doesnt boot

when my asus g1s vista home 64 bit starts up, it seems fine. When the screen to enter my password is supposed to appear a blue screen flashes. i took a video on my phone and could only make out stop: 0x00000024. I kept messing with it and got it to do a chkdsk but it said there was an error and flashed the blue screen then rebooted. No matter what i try to start in (all safe modes and normal) it flashes the blue screen then reboots.
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  1. You have a few possibilities. Unfortunately, at this point you can't really tell if it is hardware or software related. If you have access to another computer I would recommend you download a Boot-able Linux Distro. You can get an Ubuntu version from the following link but really any boot-able disc will work. Once you have it downloaded, burn it to a cd/dvd whichever the .iso file requires. Once you have the disc burned start your laptop up and boot to it. Once booted, if you can, play around with it. Start up various programs that come with the disc and browse the internet if you can. Just try and stress it out a bit.

    This will basically allow you to remove windows from the equation. If your system stops blue screening then you probably have some major windows corruptions. If you are booting to the CD and you are still getting the blue screens then you might be looking at some hardware issues. Try this and get back to me with your results. If you prefer you can just send me a message as well.
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