Fast computer acting slow!

Hello. I gave my parents a new computer last year as a present. But somehow it just isn't nearly as fast as it should be!

It's running vista 64 home premium.

The symptoms: nothing seems wrong in the eventlog, nothing is being bitched about in windows, and the experience score is 5.9 as it should be. But when applications are being launched, it can take serveral seconds before it starts loading them!
Even <win>+<pause> takes a second to show, and opening cpu-z from the zip takes serveral seconds.

I don't see anything wrong, and both windows and antivirus (kaspersky) is legit and patched up. I updated the drivers during eastern, and that didn't seem to make a difference.

It seems very wierd to me that a system with 12GB ddr3-1600 memory, a quadcore i7 and a sas harddrive is this slow!

Does anyone have ideas?

Hardware specs:
P6T Deluxe (first version, latest bios as of march 2010)
146GB Seagate Cheetah sas drive (174MB/sec read) as system drive
1TB seagate sata drive for storage
6x2GB OCZ gold memory (rated at 1600)
Radeon HD4890 1GB
Liteon 4x BDrom (DH4O1S)
Samsung DVDRW (SH-S223F)
OCZ 700W PSU (currently running on corsair HX620 instead because it was too noisy)
All in a lian li pc70a case with 6 arctic cooling 12 pwm fans (the originals were too noisy)

Software specs (stuff that's running at boot):
Vista 64 home premium
Logitech webcam software (version that came with the cam)
Daemon Tools (sptd 1.62)
Kaspersky Internet Security (
Steam client (current version)
Windosw Live Messenger (current version)

The problem is ALWAYS there, and it doesn't seem to go away. But once games are running you don't notice the problem. But load times are unnaturally long in some games.

In case someone really smart comes along, I've uploaded the perfmon report and k-lite's codec report to the interweb. &
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  1. I know this is kind of a long shot, but I have in the past seen Kaspersky take up an unusual amount of system resources. Have you tried just shutting it down and seeing if you get the performance you're looking for. Yes, I do know that all anti-virus programs will cause some loss of system performance, but I've literally seen Kaspersky slow a computer to a crawl and by shutting it down, you see a tremendous performance difference.
  2. It did cross my mind, but since I'm using that particular version of kaspersky on 15 computers, 14 of which don't show any symptoms, I decided it was probably not that.

    But perhaps I should try disabling it next time I'm around.
  3. Maybe a corrupt user profile? Try creating a new user, or use the default Admin profile, and see if you get the same results.
  4. aford10 said:
    Maybe a corrupt user profile? Try creating a new user, or use the default Admin profile, and see if you get the same results.

    A good choice, except there are three active profiles, and all show the signs.

    I'll try upgrading to win 7 later and see if that solves the problem.
  5. Afraid so.
    Pitty I couldn't buy win 7 when I bought it
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    No matter what I did on my i7 rig, this seemed to be a problem (not always, but the majority of the time). Once I moved to 7, the snappiness of the system seemed much better. I think you'll find the same.
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