HKCU\Control Panel\International cannot be opened

After opening my Dynex 1.3mp webcam Live! Cam Center, I get an Error File Corrupt. Using Vista logs I've narrowed it down to a more complet message: The NLS operation failed because the reistry key HKCU\Control Panel\International cannot be opened. Error code is 19. Error message: The media is write protected.

I've deleted and reinstalled the software for the Dynex but get the same message. After clicking on the error message block, the webcam image window disappears. Shortly thereafter, the Live! Cam Console disappears.

I've attempted to run the application in safe mode, but it will not launch in safe mode.

What do I need to do to fix this problem?
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    Check your Firewall.
  2. Just what the doctor ordered. Here's how I finally resolved it through my Norton Security Suite in the Manage Your Firewall choice:

    Program Rules tab ->
    Added LiveCam.exe -> C:\Program Files\Dynex\Live! Cam\Live! Cam Center\DynexLCC.exe -> set Access tab to Allow, Direction: In/Out, Computer: Any, Communications: Any, Protocol: All

    Here are the details on my Norton Security Suite:

    • Product Name: Norton Security Suite
    • Version:
    • Serial Number: 123
    • Media SKU: 20901033
    • Current SKU: 20901033
    • Family SKU: 0000000
    • End Point ID: {a5f8f49d-3780-11df-b845-001b248b4442}
    • OEM Partner Name: 123
    • Vendor Name: Comcast
    • Norton Add-On Pack: 123
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    Thank you for your help.
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