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I am looking for a wireless router for a 4-person dorm I am in at college. Price is not so much an issue and it must be wireless N and have gigibit ethernet. I was considering D-Link DGL-4500 (, Apple Airport Extreme (has USB port for hard drive), and the LINKSYS WRT310N ( I have had a WRT54G and it has lasted me 3 years, but this one got terrible reviews on Newegg. Our internet connection is a fiber 10Mbps synchronous /w static IP. Anyway...which one is the best, and did I miss one that is better? We have 6+ computers connected to it as well as a networked laser printer and a PS3+Wii, so its a plus if it has more than 4 wired ports.

Thanks. :)
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  1. Unless you are a Mac user, probably best to avoid Apple as terminology is different -- and some other quirks which I couldn't fathom when helping hopeless Mac-using friend to set up wireless.
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