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Hello, I have a Dell Inspiron 580 running Windows 7 Professional. My HP Officejet 6310 All in One will not work properly. I have tried to download the driver from HP but it tells me the USB mass storage device has a driver problem. HP tells me it's a Dell problem, Dell says it's a software problem and wants me to buy a $250 software warranty. Screw that... Isn't the USB mass storage device a hardware issue? Forgive my ignorance. I just want my printer to work. Thanks
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  1. Hi. Go to device manager and look for a yellow exclamation mark in the list. From there, either update the driver, or if that wont work remove the device and restart your computer. It will then say it has found new hardware and install the drivers for it.
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  4. The chipset drivers did the trick. While updating them, i also updated a surprising number of other drivers and stuff. I bought this Dell from a Fry's Electronics and, in frustration with Dell and HP, and before Area 51 answered my query, I called their tech support and was told to look for the chipset drivers.
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