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Basically I am looking at getting into webdesign, as a hobby and not a career. I am almost starting from scratch here, although I do have experience with programming, html, and basic things like dreamweaver from about 7 years ago. What can I use as a test/learning case is a website I want to create for my own consulting I do on the side. Obviously I won't release it until it looks good, but at least it gives me something to design/shoot for.

I was doing a bit of looking around for different softwares, which is really what I'm after, and to no surprise was looking around the Adobe website. They offer different products such as photoshop, creative suite, etc... but it doesn't seem clear to me which is specifically for web design. Cost is not a concern on this, just looking for a power but intuitive piece of software. I've also seen some flash websites that seem really powerful and look amazing, and I'm not sure if this is something most pieces of software can do.

As well as the software, is there are good websites for guides on this sort of thing? As I say I'm starting from limited knowledge, and am up for a lot of reading if I can find some decent guides.

Would appreciate no flaming on this as for how big of a noob I am on the topic. :ange: I know a great deal about computers especially hardware, but the topic of web design is just nothing I've really dabbled in much.

Would appreciate any answers/comments, and if you have any other questions or need clarification please let me know.

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  1. Today's websites are rarely static anymore, so with your programming background - check Visual Studio Web, and (specifically for Web design), the successor of Microsoft Front Page, Visual Expression Web.
  2. Dreamweaver used to be made by Macromedia before it was bought out by Adobe. It is one option available for web design and others (Edge) can be found here -
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