8800gts Performance?

so i recently bought the 880gts 320mb.

it is so nice. this is the first card that i've bought over 200 bucks ever! i'm excited. it has really great graphics...BUT when i play battlefield 2142 with high preset for the video. the in game graphics are the slightest laggy. like very very little but enough to realize it isn't on point. what could cause this?

mouse and keyboard are NOT wireless
monitor 25ms response -- can the monitor cause this performance issue?
6400 core 2 duo
2gigs pny memory at 667
dg965wh mobo

please explain. thanks!
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  1. Run fraps or pull up the console command to show the frame rate. If what you are seeing is ghosting from the monitor it will not be reflected in what the computer reports your frame rate to be.

    To show fps using the console command press the "~" key and type in:
    "renderer.drawFps 1".
  2. ok so i was messing around with the settings. the one huge improvement that made night and day was the "enchanced lighting" which i could hardly notice a difference visually. keeping the preset at high, the actual performance was 10x smoother without that lighting crap.

    i just logged off but i'll check out my fps and see what it tells me.
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