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when playing in yahoo chess , strange things happen occasionally , the pieces do not move as they normally would , sometimes it takes several minutes to respond & usually when this happens a strange tune i don,t recognize plays sometimes! always the same tune!
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  1. I FOUND the answer. I had the same question, then I began to do all the standard solutions as per solutions posted on forums. But to no avail.

    HERE is the Solution and I have tried it once I made the changes and it works:
    (I have Windows 7)

    1) Tools
    2) Manage Add-ons
    3) Enable Disable Add ons
    4) Add-ons currently loaded on Internet Explore (drop down menu)
    5) Select Microsoft Silver Light and disable the ActiveX
    6) Select Shockwave and disable the ActiveX

    These two are the ony ActiveX I found being used and is the cause. So Disable those you find using ActiveX.

    **see you in Yahoo chess** -- I play as "damnuserids"
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