Just got a 5-inch LCD. Need to mod something!

Looking for good ideas on what to stick a 5" LCD in. I got it free from someone who was doing the annual clean-out-your-computer-crap. Has a single RCA for input, and runs on either 5V or 12V.

Some ideas I've had - give a headless server a head. But, the server sits in a closet, so all of the coolness is wasted.

Suggested by coworker - Get some 9V batteries, an iPod Video or similar device and make the coolest belt-buckle EVER! But, I don't have a small video player (except my camera), and I don't know if I'm quite "cool" enough to sport 'navel-media' (please feel free to use my newly-coined term as often as you like).

Oh, I've decided I'm not putting it in my car. Period. It needs to be a touchscreen before I even think about it.

Any other ideas? My main machine already has both heads of the graphics card hooked to monitors, so I can't take advantage of the TV-out there.
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  1. fantastic, i have two myself (gamecube and psone) and was planning on shoving one of them in the spacy bit behind the door of my superlanboy, maybe have the other one actually built into my desk and run them as seperate, mini computers using my existing rig: (see Fishboi's awesome thread: http://forumz.tomshardware.com/hardware/quadcore-helpftopic-238387-days0-orderasc-100.html )

    But i have hit problems, the ps1 screen requires an exceedingly difficult bit of soldering linking pins in a vga cable to pin sticking out of a circuit board, which i can't do at the moment because the soldering iron i have is massive so i need a smaller one. The gamecube one: quite different. I just pulled it out of its shell and was going to stick it in my computer and link it via s-video but the screen doesn't show anything, even though ati catalyst knows its there. Think thats to do with using the wrong power cable though, gunna get a new one.

    So theres some ideas, and if anyone knows any solutions to my problems please let us know.

    P.s lcds are ace
  2. What kind of video in does it take?
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