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Codec DSP Group True Speech (22)

I recently received a .Wav file of about 1 MB that would not play in My Windows Media player on any of my Windows 7 machines. For some reason it opened right up on a Windows XP Machine of the clients friend without an issue.

Media Player Web help stated I was missing this Codec: DSP Group True Speech (22).

Is this a Windows 7 issue and how do I prevent this from happening to my other Windows 7 end users?


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    Microsoft dropped support for that codec beginning with Windows Vista. You should ask the person who created the wave file to use a codec supported on Vista/7.
  2. I was able to play it by finding the codec through a google search. Of course, in the eyes of my customer I look like a deadbeat because his buddy with an old XP machine opened it up first try.

    Sometimes you can't make them happy.
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