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I'm getting an Intel C2Duo to replace my old AMD cpu. The question I'm wondering is do I need to reinstall windows for the new processor type? Or will it just work. My friend seems to think that there might be some problems with the kernal if I don't. Please advise. Thanks
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  1. Yes you'll need to reinstall your OS to ensure your it runs correctly.
  2. i didnt know Intel processors will just work on the old AMD motherboard? :lol: :lol: credit to AMD having such great compatibilities :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Sorry, yes you will need to reinstall Windows, the IOs on your old AMD board and your new Intel board will be a lot different, and the services when Windows starts will have a faint and output a blue screen indicating that its not happy with u!! :wink:
  3. Yea, you'll have to reformat and start over. All the chipset drivers will be different in addition to the new MB-CPU configuration. There are no shortcuts here! :roll:
  4. Quote:
    ]i didnt know Intel processors will just work on the old AMD motherboard? :lol: :lol: credit to AMD having such great compatibilities :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Tell ya what, AMD board does support LGA 775 and socket 478. ECS has a board that can support 4 sockets, but you need to purchase some socket converter in order for it to work.

    I think you don't have to reinstall windows if you really don't want to. I have 2 computer with different motherboard and Cpu and the 2 windows copies are interchangable without any hipcups or reactivation. Of course, i didn't install any chipset driver or anything on these 2 system because all the hardware drivers are already included in windows xp. The retail version of windows xp allows you to *upgrade* the motherboard and still keep the windows liscence while the OEM version doesn't.

    Changing motherboard and Cpu without reinstalling windows is not recommended as it will affect the performance, stability, compatibility of the system. If you're installing a fresh copy of windows with different cpu and motherboard, you'll need to phone microsoft tech support, and say your motherboard was fryed or my water cooling rig leaked thus short circuited my mobo and i bought a new set of mobo+ cpu. Just explain your reason why you need another liscence and convince them that you're installing the system in the same computer and they'll give you a *free liscence*.
  5. Here is a link on how to swap a motherboard without reinstalling windows. I've not used it yet but have had this page bookmarked for quite some time. Let me know how it goes.

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