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At work we have been receiving many phone calls that appear to be at least routed through the Las Vegas, NV area. Generally, when I ask what it is regarding or if I can take a message I am either dismissed very rudely or simply hung up on. Today I had a call from a gentleman from the usual Las Vegas area number claiming to represent Gunner Gold (seen at a very shady and private website known as, cannot find any information on the company beyond the login screen it provides). When I asked the associate on the end to remove us from his list because this is a place of business that does tech support and relies on open phone lines, he simply hung up on me. Upon redialing the number, I am told it is not set up to receive numbers. Is anyone aware of this company and their practices? They seem quite shady to me and all their representatives have been extremely rude. Also, wasn't it at one point put through as a law that if you request to be removed from a telemarketing list they had to comply, and is avoiding that the reason why I receive the abrupt hang ups. If anyone has further information on this company please inform me, I would like to at the very least have us removed from the list and at the worst inform some government entity about their shady, rude, and disruptive practices.

P.S. sorry I did not know what category to place this rant in, adjust as appropriate!
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  1. There's a special place in Hell for telemarketers.

    Don't rely on the caller-id, it's always spoofed. Now if your lucky, and your company pays the big bucks to the phone company to cut through the spoof and show the real connecting number, you maybe could get the corporate attorney to investigate and send a "cease and desist" letter to the company in question, as well as file a complaint with the FTC.
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