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Hi Guys,

I'm thinking of opening a networking company. I wish for some help from you guys on choosing a name for my company.

The name I came up with is Dranzer Networks. What do you think about this name? Does it look serious?

Please help! Any other name suggestions would also be great but please give me comments on the name mentioned above.

Thanks very much

Best regards,

Matthew James
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  1. That sounds stupid, no offense if it is your name.

    How about Network Techworks. People will remember that.
  2. Uhm, that sounds about as bad. Dranzer Networks might be ok, but it might be plain. How about "Dranzer Network Professionals". Or maybe use an abbreviation like DZR Networks or DZR IT Specialists? DZR would just be like an abbreviation for your name.
  3. whats the point. why even come on here and ask if you are just going to settle on DZR Specialists... I can open the phone book and find about 150 as good or bad. It is plain.

    By posting here it is assumed he is looking for something special... DZR is not special, what it is is uncreative and unremarkable.

    Dranzer Network Professionals.. are you joking? or do you just lack any creativity or wit about you? I'm having trouble discerning.

    Let's assume and hope you are joking, to that I will offer another potential company name in the same vain, how about... "Dranzer Technical Specialists Network DZR"

    I want to shoot myself in the face those are so **** boring, the fact that you sat down, thought about it, and settled on something similar makes me sad for the world.
  4. My question is, what is a "networking company"? Social? CAT6 Wiring? ISP?

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