Hi, I would like to ask you about final rendering of image/animation ....what's better perfomance ...overclocked Core i7 3,6Ghz with Hyper-Threading off or the same CPU without OC at frequency 2.6Ghz with Hyper-Threading on....


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  1. There's an easy way to find out ....
  2. I don't know about which specific application your using but when I render images with Lightwave and it's utility called screamernet I only enable enough nodes that will not take up all the ram. If lets say if 1 CPU needs 2.3 GB to render a frame on a system that only has 8 I'll enable only 3. That system has a Core 2 quad Q6600.

    I would use that the CPU running at 2.6 GHz with Hyper threading on because when rendering images those processors will get hot and overclocking will make them hotter and the system may become unstable and you might crash the system in the process or lose frames.
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