Water Cooling AMD 6000+

I want to water cool my amd 6000+...any ideas??
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  1. DO IT....!! DO IT NOW...!!!

  2. Look at some Swiftech kits.

    Pretty decent setups, good quality, and although not the cheapest, not the most expensive either.

    Do a search for "H20-120 Premium" and check it out.
  3. Quote:
    Look at some Swiftech kits.

    Pretty decent setups, good quality, and although not the cheapest, not the most expensive either.

    Do a search for "H20-120 Premium" and check it out.

    I concur. Unless you have a smaller case, then the H20-80 would be ok. What kinda case are you putting this in? And are you looking toward a full kit, or hand-picked stuff?
  4. A little off the OP question but does any one use antifreeze as the coolant medium instead of water/alcohol, etc? Are there some kits that this will damage?
  5. Thanks for the link. A friend was told to just use antifreeze instead by the prepackaged stuff so I was wondering if anyone had tried it.
  6. Coolermaster has some pretty easy to do kits.Some of which already come assembled.They also offer decent hardware for a decent price.I would definately go water with that processor.Goodluck.


    AMD X2 5600+ @ 2.8ghz(stock)
    2 GIGS DDR2 800 RAM
    7950 GX2 560/1450
    ACER 22IN. LCD
    80GIG/250gig SATA2 HD's
    XP MCE
    3DMARK05 14644
  7. The first thing you need to be certain of before deciding what method of cooling (or how involved in water cooling you want to get) is what you goals are that require cooling. That is, are you a heavy o'clocker or just a mild one? Are you water cooling because of the hot ambient temps in the enviroment or does your rig run hot? If o'clocking, do you also ramp up your GPU as well? Do you intend on water cooling other components and why? What kind of budget do you have for w'cooling?

    Getting into water cooling can be an expensive venture. In some cases, getting a high quality HSF (like, say, the Tuniq Tower) can prove just as effective in controlling heat as a cheap water cooling product.
  8. Quote:
    DO IT....!! DO IT NOW...!!!


    Gotta do what the Gov'na says...lmao!
  9. i used the Zalman 9500 as well and i get close to the same temps without ocing. I would really like to overclock higher though.
  10. With that in mind (and the fact that you've indicated a desire to water cool) the next thing to be considered is what kind of budget do you have for purchasing parts (or kits)?

    Do you intend on cooling other components in your cooling loop (or just the CPU)?
  11. water cooling should be designed from the ground up - adding after you build the system always is more money and not as good if you planned it from the beginning.

    typically you cool the north bridge and gpu - forget the memory add a fan - forget the hard drives ask google the hotter the better

    check out the new koolance mobo cooler that goes behind the mobo to cool all things - that is state of the art!

    i set this system up last week!

    water cooled cpu qx6700 3.55ghz 45-55c, 8800gtx, nb and sb! air cooled 10 hdd dual raid - raid0 os drive on the mob, areca 8 drive 4tb raid 5 all air cooled. silverstone 1000w Olympus psu - 8 cold cathods uv and green
  12. that looks soo nice...man that looks nice. U should put comps together for a living!!! What water cooling kit is that how much where can i buy????
  13. Quote:
    We are few and far apart us 6000+ owners, must stick together to keep off the hordes of C2D faithful!

  14. Quote:
    DO IT....!! DO IT NOW...!!!


  15. Quote:
    Thanks for the link. A friend was told to just use antifreeze instead by the prepackaged stuff so I was wondering if anyone had tried it.

    I suppose that you could use antifreeze in the cooling loop, but unless your rig gets that hot or is exposed to freezing temperatures, it doesn't make much sense. Antifreeze does three things: it lowers the freezing point, it raises the boiling point, and it provides some corrosion resistance, especially for engines with iron blocks/water jackets and aluminum radiators. If you're just cooling the CPU, you should never get near 100 C, so the boiling point is not a problem. Likewise, you'll probably never freeze your computer, either. Corrosion may or may not be an issue, but a very slight mixture of antifreeze to water (10-15%% Et(OH)2 to 85-90% H2O) is enough to halt corrosion. Now a GPU can create some serious heat, so perhaps a stronger solution is needed. A regular 50/50 mix will not boil until about 130-140 C, so figure in the temp of your GPU and add 20 C or so for safety, mix accordingly. There usually is a table on the side of the antifreeze jug.

    The big issue in water-cooled systems is leakage. Water with antifreeze dissolved in it is a very good conductor and will trash your system if it leaks. Mainframes and data centers that use liquid cooling generally use a nonconductive coolant liquid like Fluorinert instead of water. Electrical transformers are cooled with a similar liquid. I'd suggest this stuff over water if it were my box, although I haven't tried to find any of it.
  16. This is the non-conductive coolant I use.
    PC Ice
    This is a good kit.
    Swiftech H20-120 PREMIUM
  17. Quote:

    Website say: Replacement coolant for the Thermaltake Bigwater, Aquarius Series, and any liquid water cooling system. Please follow all Waring labels! As per manufacturer’s instructions, it is absolutely imperative that you Do Not Dring this product!

    Number one power gaming water! :lol:
  18. cool
  19. I must say very nice builds!
    I have just bought a Thermaltake AquaBay M3
    now i need advice on what CPU & GPU waterblock to invest in. I have a Geforce Nvidia 9600GT 512mb with a Zalman fan. My AMD 6000+ is in need of overclocking i am currently running Stock speed 3Ghz. I want to overcolock my cpu before i upgrade to the AMD Bulldozer (16core), when it is released. then i want to use my watercooling system on the bulldozer. Any Ideas?



    ASUS M2N-MX SE board, AMD 6000+ x2 64,3Ghz 2GB ddr2 667, geforce 9600GT, Overclocked. Compro T220 hdtv card.
    42\" PLASMA & 17\" LCD
    500GB SATA, 250GB SATA, 20GB IDE
    For Photos Of the beast


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