A Problem With The Music In RCT2

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I recently got it (along with Wacky Worlds) and i am experiencin a
problem with the music in the game. The sound is all good (i can hear
the people screamin their lungs out lol and i hear the giglin and all
that) but when it comes to the music, i cant hear a thing. I went to
options, and oddly, the music option was OFF, but when i clicked to
turn it on, it would stay OFF. Has anyone experienced this or might
know why this is happenin and what i can do about it?? Thanks In

Other than that, the game is really tight. I just downloaded like 30
scenarios from the previous RCT games so that i can play them on RCT2.
I cant wait for RCT3.
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  1. Archived from groups: alt.games.rctycoon (More info?)

    There should be a text config file somewhere in your rct2 folder you
    can adjust it from manually. I've had the same thing happen in other
    games (not rct2 though)
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