is it running correctly??

whats the best way to find out if your memory is running correctly?
ive got a bottleneck somewhere and im wondering if its memory or not
system runs slow when switching between apps, im running xp sp2
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  1. I just asked a similar question concerning this, I got a great link from Mondoman

    it explains that the spd info doesn't mean squat...

    anyway, I don't see anything wrong but I just glanced at it and remembered this helpful link
  2. ok, my next question is
    im running the PN5-E SLI with an intel e6600 which runs at 1066 fsb
    what would be the best memory (whithin reason) to buy for this board to see if the memory is causing my bottleneck
    should i buy something like this OCZ 2GB (2x1GB) DDR2 1066MHz/PC2-8500 (OCZ2N1066SR2GK) Dual Channel SLI Ready Edition or will it not make any difference?
    at the minute cpu-z says im running FSB:DRAM 4:5 at 333 mhx (dual channel) so effectively im running 666 or thereabouts, do i need to try and get it to 1:1 fsb:dram or not?
    i may be clutching at straws here thats why im asking you guys who'll know more than me but im pretty sure that when i try to re-open a minimzed app then it should be fairly instant and it isnt so i need to try and cure this, ive spent a lot of money on this pc so a little more wont make any difference, the wife wants to kill me anyhow :lol:
  3. the memory in the picture is running at the correct speed
  4. Quote:
    the memory in the picture is running at the correct speed

    the correct speed for this memory but could it be causing bottlenecks in my system?
    for example, if im using one app and i have a few minimised, i then decide i want to maximixe my (for example) browser, it can take upto 10 seconds before i can click on anything as it is just so slow to open
    somewhere here i have slow access times, hdd tested till im bored, defragged etc, all apps.proggies work fine on there own its just when i switch which makes me think of the memory slowing it all down
    this is another that looks interesting
    but to be honest if im running 1066 fsb then which speed memory should i buy? 667, 800, 900 or 1000 or wont it make any noticable difference which i use, i don't o/c so its all just standard i just need to get to the bottom of this bottleneck
  5. to be honest even if you buy faster memory it sounds like the problem lies elsewhere. even with your current memory, switching between apps should be pretty much instant.

    it sounds more like windows may be configured incorrectly or you havnt installed the chipset drivers.
  6. ram speed really does not have that big an effect on over all system speed

    a few questions:
    do you have alot of apps running in the background
    is all of your ram being used

    it sounds like its using your hdd alot rather than having the data in the ram (ie your ram is full so it has to dump each app as you load another)
  7. make sure the settings in Control Panel/System/Advanced/Performance/Advanced

    make sure PROCESSOR SCHEDULING is set to 'programs'
    and MEMORY USAGE is set to 'programs'

    also see if you get the same problems in safe mode
  8. @ wallis yes there set correctly (albeit by default rather than something i did)
    i'll have to check this in safe mode but if it works fine then what next?

    @ butcher i have similar amount of apps that ive always had when i used my 3700+ and 1gb as i only really use the same stuff i have for years
    as for ram, the pf in taskmanager says 456/8031 so thats ok

    'your ram is full so it has to dump each app as you load another' that sounds about right for the problem i have but what could cause this?

    all but the free ram is running as usual (ive removed free ram now)
    ive even run hijackthis to see if that pulls up anything unusual from my running apps but that was ok too
    thanks so far for the help guys and gals :)
  9. its sounds like format time

    might be a cacheing problem not that i know how to fix it
  10. looks more like you are trying to make IE6 have tabs when it does not>> sbrowser.exe << is an addon that makes frames in IE6 so you do not need to open lots of IE windows but can make it go slow

    get Opera {has native tab support} or IE7 or Firefox
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