Help! NO FULL Screen With HDMI cable


I've connecetd my laptop DELL 1555 Studio with Ati 4500 and Win 7 trought HDMI cable to a Samsung p 4500 monitor, but ther is a black 5 cdm line around the screen witch is really annoying.

On the web i read that the problem could be solved with Catlayst contol center, which should have a scaling mode option somewhere but i cant find it.

When i run CCCC ( Catalyst) there is no option " My digital flat panels" and no My Hdtv's.
People also write that there should be a configure button, where the small screen is, but in my case there is no option.

can somebody help me solve this problem? THNX
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  1. it is the CCC that you would need to find. Look around a bit more inside of it. It may be in video settings or something else to that matter.

    I am at work otherwise I would post some Screenshots.

    Also, if this post was transferred to the graphics and displays section people would be jumping all over this thread
  2. And make sure you have the latest driver/CCC installed from AMD.
  3. I had the same problem. Go to CCC in the bar Search write overscan and change it to minimun. I'm sure this is ur problem!
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