Hp laptop mute and wireless buttons not working

My mute button and wireless are not working.
They stay red even though my volume and wireless is turned on.
I can't change the volume with the control on my key board panel
or turn on/off the wireless. I can do this using my mouse on the screen,
but not on my keyboard.

Please tell me what might have caused this problem, and how to fix it.
I don't know what to do since device manager is telling me everything is
working properly. Please help me! I've had this problem for months and I'm tired of it!
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  1. There might be two reasons for it: 1. - virus, so scan your computer to make sure you don't have any viruses. 2 - if other button work there is something wrong inside your laptop. Is it still under warranty? If not, you might want to give it to someone to repair it.
  2. It doesn't have a virus but I've had this problem before, so I guess I'll go to a professional. Anyway, thanks for your advice
  3. Hi!
    It could be due to a static charge.

    shutdown the laptop.

    Remove the power cord.

    Remove the battery.

    PRESS AND HOLD the power button for 1 minute

    Power on your computer. It should work now.

    Let me know

  4. just remove the battery and put back on, no need to press button or else. removing the battery WORKED perfectly for me
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