HELP!!! What videocard should I choose?

I know this is kind of dumb, but I was hoping to get some assistance from some graphics experts. Currently I have a rig that has an amd athlon x2 5200+, gigabyte 590 sli mobo, 2gb of super talent ddr2 800, a pny 7900gs and two seagate 250 gb hard drives. However, we run two desktop computers in the house and many laptops. I plan on getting one to move the amd system to the networkin location,to replace the aging, old ,p4, agp system. The computer I will buy will be as follows (post july 22), a intel e6750, 4gb of crucial ddr2 800, gigabyte p35 ds35, and some 250 gb hard drives from the garage. As you can tell I don't want to build again until post vista. We will put vista on both computers (business on the amd and home premium on the to be built intel). The business will have all of the important files, taxes etc. and will be the main networking computer. The intel computer will be more of the one that I use. Yes, I do have the occassional game. By no means am I in the league with the extreme gamers. I might spend two to three hours a week tops, during the summer, usually on bf 2142. The 7900gs kicks it right out. I am thinking about getting a cheap dx10 card (8600 gt or maybe an ati 2600xt, although I haven't heard anything great, but they will be cheap and I won't need a generator) for the amd system and taking out the 7900gs (it is a better performer right?) out of the amd and putting it in the intel build at least for a while until there are some dx10 games that require a lot more power. I will be using it for entertaintment purposes mainly. This also includes video editing and mainly playing of videos, music etc. perhaps even of hd/ blue ray materials later on. I might even just switch the videocards out. I defintely want all of the vista eye candy. Well, the question I have is what videocard should I get? Oh yeah, I will be on a 1280*1024 monitor.Any advice on the situation? I just want the best for my $$.

Please post some good psu's for my new system with the videocard advice. Thanks a lot for all of the help!!!!
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  2. for the video card, id pick the 8800gts.
  3. Hi there, I'm also using a LCD @ 1280x1024 as this seems to be the widely most used, I'd say either the 8800GTS 320MB for $279.99 or the 8800GTS 640MB card for about $100 more. If you find yourself setting all the graphics setting to high then you'll need more on board RAM (8800GTS 640MB). I think the 320MB version will be a bit weak for DX10 with the 640MB version doing just fine. Hope this helps. Good luck!
  4. I would if I had that much money to spend on a videocard.The only problem is that I don't have that kind of money, because this is my build and I'm not expecting much assisstance from my parents. Accept for the case, old antec that the p4 was in and monitor.
    Do you think that I should get integrated graphics for a while until the scene gets better? Maybe G33 chipset or should I just get like a 7600 gt as cheap as I can and put that in the amd and put a 7900gs in the new system. What is really holding me down is not only money, but the fact that I need to have a video card in the amd machine to keep it working. Any timeframe where you think a 8800 gts could be in the $150 to $200 range because the 8500,8600,2400 and 2600 reportedly are terrible!
  5. If I were you, I would go with a cheaper card like a X1950pro or X1650XT, wait a year or two until DX10 games are actually out and get a more powerful Dx10 card. It doesn't look like any midrange DX10 cards are really worth it.
  6. So I should stay at DX9 for a good while still. Maybe a x1950 pro with 512mb. What have you heard about Sapphire? At $130 that is my sweet spot! Thanks a lot!!!!!
  7. My current build and my last build have been using Sapphire cards, no problems so far.

    It will probably be a while until DX10 takes off, even upcoming DX10 capable games like Crysis have little benefit from the new API. Plus developers will continue to use DX9 for the next couple of years so they aren't losing the majority of their customers who don't have a top of the line computer.

    So yea, save the money now and get a holdover card until you can get a decent DX10 card when it's actually worth it.

    Glad to help :)
  8. Quote:
    So I should stay at DX9 for a good while still. Maybe a x1950 pro with 512mb. What have you heard about Sapphire? At $130 that is my sweet spot! Thanks a lot!!!!!

    At least get a card with 512mb as 256mb isn't good enough anymore.
  9. You'll be safe with Sapphire; IMO they make better cards than the ones that are "built by ATI". If you really are too short on cash for an 8800, then yeah, go for the X1950 (and you won't need a "generator" for it). ;)
  10. Thanks a bunch for the advice with the saphire card, but do you all think that I should still put vista home premium on the computer if I'm running dx9 or should I stay XP Pro for a while on the new rig? And how much power does it need on the 12v. I've got a XION 600w psu with two 22amp 12v rails. I was reading some stuff on it and couldn't find it. However, on newegg, the diamond card wants 30amps. If this is true, is it possible to plug two of the 12v rails to the card.
  11. Heck dude.Bite the bullet and get the 8800gtx.You can't go wrong with that card.Overclock your cpu a couple hundered mhz and your machine will rock.Goodluck.Oh ya,stay with XP PRO,VISTA will only slow you down right now.It needs a few more fixes.


    AMD X2 5600+ @ 2.8ghz(stock)
    2 GIGS DDR2 800 RAM
    7950 GX2 560/1450
    ACER 22IN. LCD
    80GIG/250gig SATA2 HD's
    XP MCE
    3DMARK05 14644
  12. its easier said than done for some people dahak.
  13. That's true.^ Also, concerning Vista: it's really up to you whether you take that route. I would, because all my programs work fine with it and I love it. Having a DX9 card shouldn't really sway you either way, it's mostly personal preference. I would advise you to get Vista, but hey, it's up to you.

    Also, if you're worried about being able to run Aero: you can. It runs on NVidia 6000 series cards no problem, so with an X1900 you'll definitely be fine. Just FYI.
  14. Keep the 7900GS in the AMD machine, and get the much more powerful X1950XT for the Intel machine, You can grab them for around $180 now. The 8600 and 2600 cards are very unimpressive.
  15. Quote:
    I've got a XION 600w psu with two 22amp 12v rails.

    "If you have two 12 volt rails with 22amps each thats 44amps total." Dude you can run two 8800GTX's with that PSU. My friend has only an Antec 550 watt PSU and he's running two 8800GTX's, so you should have no problem at all. At 480 watts I can run one 8800GTX.
  16. About the PSU: you will be fine.
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