Looking for router that is fast enough for 27,000 kb/s connection

I just got my new cable connection, http://www.speedtest.net/result/242807604.png
but the problem is I can only get the full speed when directly connected to the cable modem. When hooked up to the router I can only get 4000 to 5000 kb/s download. What do you guys recommend? I don't care if its wired or wireless as I have a extra wireless router to use as a wireless access point.(I dont care how fast the speed is for the rest of the family)

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  1. Is this rate everytime or just the max you saw. What do other sites give you. Its still only 27Mb/per second so a normal router should be enough. You may have to goto a business class router which will run you alot more money.
  2. unless you router is ANCIENT it should have no issues doing 27mb/sec through a wired connection. there is either something configured incorrectly or an issue with the router, but as far as a router that can handle that speed, any router with 10/100 or 10/100/1000 (which is bascially...ANY router).

    but as far as determining if the router is actually bad, do the test throught the router on the same site and then do it at the same site again as soon as you can. if you are still getting such a disparity you can be fairly certain its the router.
  3. Looking ath what you get average the connection between PC and router is most likely 10Mb half-duplex. Is it possible to set both ends up for 100Mb (half or full-duplex)? If you cannot you need a new router.
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