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Hi, I am having a problem with warcraft under vista. I have tried running the game under 98/ME mode and windows XP /w Sp2 mode no luck, neither one of them works. Please help me, I hate switching windows

Could it be my video card? which is a X700 256MB.
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  1. What exactly are you experiencing as far as problems? Is the game crashing, not starting at all, what's the prob? I'm running Vista Home Premium 32-bit and I've had no problems playing it, albeit on an NVidia 7600. Maybe try patching the game manually and see if that fixes it, and make sure you have the newest video card drivers.
  2. I have the lastest driver, do you have Directx 9 or 10? mine comes with 10 and I was reading somewhere it said its not competitable with 10. when I click on the icon, I get the WC screen but after that nothing happens and the screen is just there.
  3. Well, you have a DX9 card, so I'm pretty sure you're not using DX10; I don't think you'd be able to run any 3D apps if you were trying to run DX10 with an X700, as it doesn't support DX10. I assume that other games work? Also, maybe try reinstalling the game and/or patching it. I have to say, that's a strange problem you've got there...
  4. Yes I do have a DirectX 9 card, but when I install windows Vista; it comes with directx 10 and there's no way I can uninstall directx 10 as we all know...
  5. My first suggestion would be to try installing DX9c. Next, your video card may just be too old to handle Vista. Much as you might like the card, its due for an upgrade. X1900 or X1950 cards are fairly cheap now and they seem to handle Vista ok. If you have the money, you can get a cheap 8600 to get into a DX10 line of cards, or if you can afford it, a 8800 GTS 320.

    Sorry that there's not much good news in this, but when moving to new operating systems, there's more to change than just the OS. Everything else has to be compatible as well.
  6. Just my two cents, I was able to install and play Warcraft 3 on Vista 64 and play through both the Humans and part of the Scourge campaign. I have the X1900XTX, and used the cat 7.2 drivers at the time.

    I think all the DX9 and DX10 talk might be for nothing, has Warcraft 3 came out in 1998 and is a DX8 title.

    Make sure you apply the 1.21 patch for Warcraft 3.

    System Requirements:

    Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP:
    400 MHz Pentium II or equivalent (600 MHz recommended)
    128 MB of RAM (256 MB recommended)
    8 MB 3D video card (TNT, i810, Voodoo 3, Rage 128 equivalent or better) with DirectX® 8.1 support (32 MB recommended)
    700 MB HD space
    4X CD-ROM drive

    My guess is that you might be getting hung at the opening cinematics. Far Cry 64 had this issue, where they changed the format of the movies they used in Far Cry, when I tried to runt he game, the screen would just blank out and sit. I tried playing the movies manually and saw I was getting a codec error (XP plays the movies fine). In FarCry I just removed the movies and it skipped right on to the optins screen
  7. Mad_Murdock, have you had any other issues with Vista 64? I'm thinking of buying.

    So some movies in games might not play because the machine might not yet have the codecs for them? anything else I should know before I buy it?
  8. Quote:

    I think all the DX9 and DX10 talk might be for nothing, as Warcraft 3 came out in 1998 and is a DX8 title.

  9. I upgraded as follows:

    before: winxp mediacentre edition on socketA sempron 2400+ 1gig ram 9250sapphire

    after:vista home premium oem 64bit x23600 2gig ram (667) using onboard video.

    My opinion. xp socket a system was more responsive and would play all my my media no problem.

    My new vista system is Ok but some of the media causes the system to hang to the point I have to hold the power button down for 5 seconds. I will try more ram (to 4gig) to see if it helps with the responsiveness.

    Another annoyance with vista: After install, vista would not recognize the onboard video and had a really bad video score of 1.0. I had to update the bios to correct this. Everything went well (new score of 3.0) but then I had to re-register with microsoft because of the "hardware change". The registration kept failing on-line so I had to do it with the 1-800 number. This took another 10 minutes of reaching the tech support agent then reading off numbers etc... Finally its all done.

    To be honest, my xp box was working well and I didnt really need to upgrade. I wanted a new toy and a new fresh OS to play with. Overall I'm happy with the decision. Just make sure your hardware can handle vista or you will be very unhappy with buying it.

  10. Quote:

    I think all the DX9 and DX10 talk might be for nothing, as Warcraft 3 came out in 1998 and is a DX8 title.


    Just a side note, I think it was Warcraft 2 that came out in 1998, not Warcraft 3. None the less, Warcraft 3 is a DX8 game.
  11. Quote:
    Just a side note, I think it was Warcraft 2 that came out in 1998, not Warcraft 3. None the less, Warcraft 3 is a DX8 game

    You right ! WC3 came out July 2002. Not sure why I can't thinking 1998.

    _Murdock, have you had any other issues with Vista 64? I'm thinking of buying

    Personal choice question there. I found that all the games I play, play fine on Vista 64. In my personal expereince, if it plays under Vista32, it will play on Vista 64.

    I have issues with other programs working right, like Motorola's Phone tools, since it doesn't have a signed driver. Some audio and video codecs are a little harder to find and get working.

    But I don't really like Vista and it performs slower than XP. Granted if FEAR runs at 145fps under XP and 125fps under Vista, it's not something you'll notice. On games like Stalker, the performance hit is more noticable.

    My suggestion, is wait another year. There is nothing you can do in Vista that you can't do under XP. DX10 is the only compelling feature and I'm starting to think it's a lame duck for another year or so. I haven't booted under Vista in over a month.
  12. Hi, I tried all the stuff you guys said and I still can't get it to work. I didn't even get to the opening cinematics screen. After I open TFT, I get TFT screen and then it just freezes there, I get the loading circle and it never ends. once that happens I have to manually restart the computer, there's nothing I can do after that...

    Any more help will be greatly appreciated.
  13. I'd head over to the Blizzard forums and see if anyone can help you there. I'm sure more people over there have run into your porblem and have a fix.
  14. visit:

    you maybe just need to set warcraft 3 compatible in vista. your HW and SW are already better than requirements needed by Warcraft3 and all other similar older games. this means it should be compatible. Warcraft 3 is also on the list of compatible SWs for vista. refer to link for compatible SWs in vista:
    try to do the same to any old programs you want to install in the future that would not run in vista. almost all SWs now are compatible with vista. you just need to specify how to run it.

    good luck!
  15. Make sure your Graphic drivers are up to date. But more importantly get the latest patch for Warcraft 3.

    I'm running Vista 64bit and Warcraft 3 runs just fine. I'm not using any compatibility mode and it worked before patching. So maybe there's another issue involved.

    Vista's compatibility with the game isn't the issue. I've played Starcraft on my machine with no issues, again not using combatibility mode, and it'sa much older game. Diablo 2 works as well.
  16. hey im having a problem on warcraft frozen throne, cos every time i play for 40 mins the game would crash and say that warcraft has stopped working, and windows is trying to find solutions, therefore my os is vista home premium 32bit, i really dont know the specs or infos to be given cos its just a newly bought laptop,
    processor: 1.73GHz
    RAM: 1014mb
    dxversion: dx10

    can someone help me about this?
    this is my email,
  17. Forget Directx alltogether. Your card is most likely opengl supported too!

    I had a similar problem and remembered all the Blizzard games from that era were also able to run in OpenGL too.

    Try using the bootstrap operator "-opengl". It worked for me!

    open the RUN box and type the location of war3.exe then add -opengl.

    In my case it was "c:\Program Files (x86)\Warcraft III\war3.exe -opengl"

    hope this helps
  18. I don't know if this will work to you guys. Try this:

    1. Right click the icon
    2. Click Run as Administrator
    3. Click Allow

    Hope this help.
  19. I'm using a portable version of w3 and it greatly works with all patches under vista...
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