Centurion 534 and 8800 GTX???

Hey guys, this is my first time post. I have done numerous searches (google and forum searches) to find out the compatability of these two, but have not seen concrete evidence. I saw the forum post in Maximum PC website that included this picture:

I found it hard to believe that a 8800 GTX would not fit in in a Centurion 534 Case but it would In a Centurion 5 Case:

So I went to my local computer shop (Central Computers in San Jose) and measured first hand both cases. From the outside they are identical: 18.9" x 8" x 17.1"(D x W x H). I know that doesn't matter since its the space inside that counts.

I continued to measure from the top of the PCI Slots (where the graphics card would start to touch to the other side of the case (where the 5.25 and 3.25 Bays start) and on both cases it measured 11 inches! The only issue I saw was the hard drive bay in the Centurion 534 sticks out a little more, but still within 10.75 inches.

Now, I know my measurements were probably not precise so that is why Im asking for help. Is there anyone out there that has actually tried to fit a 10.5 inch 8800 GTX into a Centurion 534 case? How about SLI?

I know this is a small case for SLI, but wanted to know if the hard drive bay would be an issue for a second 8800 GTX.
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