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I have posted two previous posts on the issue I am having with beeping
on my alienware aurora alx 58 - it has become longer and more frequent and I just need some feedback or ideas on what it might be or if I have to get it serviced. I am a mac man and am new to the pc world so my knowledge is limited. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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  1. As I didn't see your previous posts could you re-post any information you did have? I'll try to help you if I can. Could you post what your beep patterns are. ie. 3 long or 3 short or 2 long 1 short
  2. Is the beeping on startup? Does it fail to POST when you get the beep code?

    The specific beep code would help, as fusion_gtx mentioned.
  3. I have ascertained that it is my domino coolit alc, the system warning exclamation mark is flashing and the pump display is ------- It occasionally flashes a number - 4600 - 4800 plus.
    Is this a pump failure? In the bios the fan settings are on smartfan, not manual.
    I look at the lcd and it stablises at 30 - 35 degrees celsius and then accelerates quite quickly to 60 degrees upon which time the computer turns off.
    As an aside - is there a better cooling system - I have a 1 x 2 terabyte alienware aurora allx58. Thanks any help would be appreciated
  4. That cooling system was rated pretty good based on price/performance.

    Check the manual to see if it gives you the code meaning.
  5. I have gone into the bios and looked at the fan settings. This is a quick rundown of what I have found:
    power fan speed - 9500 rpm
    aux fan speed - 4700 rpm
    nb temp - 53 celsius
    vreg temp - 66 celsius
    system temp - 31 celsius

    The cpu temp gradually rises and then stabilises at 85 degrees celsius, at which time the vreg temp accelerates and the power fan speed lowers drastically and fluctuates between 450 - 1200 rpm - before shutdown of the computer occurs. This is the same pattern over and over again. I have checked the psu after shutdown and it is not hot at all. The domino coolit hoses are extremely hot around the metal base.
    I have limited pc knowledge but my fault finding would summize that the the problem is the domino coolit system and the pump to be specific. The beeping is sporadic and fluctuates between long and short.
    What do you think? Is it the coolit system? I have run out of ideas.
  6. Do you have the PC overclocked?

    If not, then it may be a good idea to put the stock fan back on, and see if that fixes the problem.
  7. It is overclocked.
  8. You can try restoring the defaults in the BIOS, and see what your default temps are at.
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