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Need guide from programmers, particularly freelancers

hey guys

im more or less a novice programmer. im currently doing my bachelors in computer sciences, but i want to start earning some pocket change much before i graduate, infact in a few months. ive completed 1 year so far (2 semisters) of my 4 year(8 semister) course, and about to start my 3rd semister inshAllah, so i dont know much.

What i have learnt so far from my studies is programing in c++.

i have also learnt html, css, javascript, jquery and some basic Microsoft Access.

basically id really like if some one could point me in the right direction, like what language , or which languages i should learn now or which libraries i should learn that i can learn in like 2 or 3 months, that would allow me to make some money from freelance jobs. so obviously whatever language i learn should have some jobs available online.

also, this semister the courses i will be doing are Linear algebra, Computer organization and Assembly language, discrete structures and data structures. so perhaps some one can suggest me what i should learn on my own right now, which combined with what i will be learning from my university would allow me to make some money online..

what im intrested in doing is, well, pretty much anything. whether it be desktop applications, mobile applications, databases, whatever.

and im not expecting to earn a lot, like i said justsome pocket change. like even earning 3 or 4 dollars an hour online is enough...

any help would be appreciated.thanks in advance.
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  1. PHP is used by many web applications, and is similar enough to C that it is not hard to pick up quickly.
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    For freelancing I'd say anything web-related (PHP was suggested for "server-side", but also basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript for more static sites) or VBA to code some custom Access applications or Excel marcros for small offices that can't afford or don't have enough job for a full time developper.
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