ati vs nvidia

which is better in terms of gaming performance?
2 ati x1950pro in crossfire or 1 8800gts 320mb ?
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  1. dunno much about ati, though i know that 1 8800gts 320MB will run all games maxed out on anything up to a 22" LCD(pretty much) . On top of that if you have a SLI mobo, you'll have room to fill the extra slot in the future, plus it overclocks nicely and has 320-bit memory...
  2. 1x 8800gts by far... imho

    And it wont REALLY run every game on max up to a 22"
    Im running a 20" @ 14x10 and during the crunch a lot of games drop into the 20s.... so a 22" @ 16x12 will be worse.
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