Latest Pre-Release Internet Browser Benchmarks

Being someone who likes to have the latest-greatest internet browsers despite instability sometimes, I do benchmark them every now and again (rarely), so I might as well share my results.

Browser Bench marked:

Apple Safari 5.1
FireFox Nightly 8 Alpha
Google Chrome 13 Beta
Opera 12 Pre-Alpha
Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview

All browsers benchmarked on Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit using Peacekeeper Benchmarking Website

All credit goes to PeaceKeeper Benchmark

All browser benchmarked with task manager priority set to real-time

Except for Apple Safari 5.1, none of these browsers tested are actually officially released...Firefox 8 still has nightly to go through, then Aurora, then beta, then release candidate before it is released. There will still be firefox 6 and 7 before firefox 8 appears in many months. Chrome beta 13 will soon appear as chrome 12 is the current version, and opera 12 isn't even alpha stage. Opera 11.5 was just released, so expect months before opera 12. Internet Explorer 10 will be out in months also, it still hasn't even reached beta or release candidate stage yet.

At the current time, Chrome Beta and Opera 12 absolutely demolish the rest of the crowd. And out of those two, chrome is a slight winner. Even though I use Firefox 8 nightly right now, I recommend Chrome 13 beta currently to anyone who wants to step out bounds and play with beta's/alpha' it appears to be the fastest/best overall browser.

If you would like to try any of these browsers, here are the links:

Apple Safari 5.1
Opera 12 Pre-Alpha
Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview
Mozilla Firefox Nightly 8
Google Chrome 13 Beta

These browsers are far from final, but they are at the technological edge, which is why I like to use them. Those are the results :).

Edit: For Safari, I forgot to use nightly build, I will do this and edit the benchmark results.
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  1. Nice post,thanks for the info! :D
  2. At the current time, Safari nightly builds are having some issues getting to work properly. It is a known error. I'll update once It gets working.

    In addition, I didn't realize that Google, on top of a beta release, also has Dev-channel, and canary. Canary is the equivalent to firefox nightly, code is updated daily and is the most bleeding edge, after that it is sent to dev channel and then beta. I will update my chrome performance test using Chrome Canary also.

    The browsers I tested are the BIG 5, if anybody knows another browser worthy of notice, please comment and I'll test it and add it :). I don't care how much percentage of people use it, if its a good browser, it deserves a spot. Having better browsers is in everybody's interest which is why competition must be provoked.

    If anybody knows if any of the browser I tested have more unstable/bleeding edge versions, please say. For example if safari has a beta/dev channel that I missed or if IE has an alpha/pre-alpha stage that I missed. I want the tests to be of the absolute latest.
  3. Updated for Chrome Canary 15, it actually scored a bit less than Chrome 13.

    However page rendering seems to be fastest of any browser when opening websites. Compared to IE9, measured with a special stop watch

    Chrome consistently scores anywhere from .2 to 1.5 seconds faster on the websites I tested, which are mostly news websites which tend to have the most information and components to load.
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