Is there something wrong with my CPU?


When I copy a 12GB file from my portable HDD to my host HDD it is very slow(60 plus or more mins). But when did the same thing with other normal P4 machine. It take about 8 to 10mins.

I open up my task manager and click on the performace tab and saw that only one side of the Pentium D935 cpu has unsually high usage, whereas the other remain low.

I did have blue screen (Kernel_Stack_inpage_error) message after that, sometimes

It seems also that when i download a large file from the internet and at the same time open up some other applications, it has a long waiting time before it shows up.

The above happens when I copy or download large file.

I normal situation (no copying or download of files) all application work fine.

I tried swopping ram modules and it didn't work.

Please help me. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Sounds normal. Assuming your portable HD is using a USB port, not every USB port supports the fastest USB 2.0 speed.
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