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I tried a quick search but wasn't able to find anything. I built my budget gaming machine and initially installed 32-bit Vista. Later, I upgraded to 64 bit. My issue is now I have two program files; Program Files and Program Files (x86). Aside from just being annoying, when I try to run updates and patches for games, I will get pop-ups telling me certain files are missing and to run repair. After running repair, a different file will be missing. After uninstalling/reinstalling, I can usually get the updates to work. When the next patch comes out, the same thing happens. Sometimes it takes 3 or more reinstalls before I can get it working. I never had these problems on my other machines and I really only use this machine for games and have very little on it, and this is the last thing I can think might be causing the problem.

I tried to reinstall the 64-bit OS, deleting everything on the HD and setting up new partitions, but both program files are still there. Has anybody else seen or heard of this or know how to fix it?


Edit: thanks for the reply. I'm not going to bump this, cause I feel like a moron now. LOL. After reading this, I had some problems with my public folders where the games were. Thanks again.
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    This is standard. Whenever you install a 64bit operating system you get a Program Files and a Program Files(x86). The Program Files is for 64bit programs that you install. Program Files (x86) is for your 32bit program installs. Basically it boils down to whether the program you're installing is 32bit or 64bit.

    What games are you having issues running/updating? When you try patching you could try moving the patch to the folder that the game is installed to. Most newer games shouldn't have an issue patching, is it older games you're having trouble with?
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