Opty 170 Temp Problem... no idea what to do

Hey everyone, I'm really in a jam here.

My new Opty 170 is running crazy hot under load @stock. I have no idea what to do. I've tried the stock HSF and a Thermaltake Venus HSF, and I just can't beat 60c on Core 0, with averages around 62 after 5 minutes. I tried ramping up the FSB just for the hell of it, and got up to 2.6ghz... the good news is the chip didn't run any hotter. The bad news, it still ran at 60-65c.

It's worth noting that A64Info and CoreTemp are giving me these incredibly high readings, while MyGuard and SpeedFan both give me readings between 48-52c load... I'd like to believe MyGuard (especially since it's designed for my board) but I can't ignore the high temps measured by the other programs.

I applied AS5 both times... granted, I haven't let it set nearly as long as I should, but since it'll only make a 2-4c difference I'm not that concerned. Basically, I'm chosing between a convex stock HSF spinning at 4000+ rpm and a Thermaltake spinning at 3000+... I guess I'm gonna have to get a new cooler altogether if I Can't fix this. Does anyone have any recommendations? I'm hearing the Arctic Freezer 64 Pro, which I'm leaning toward because I can simply clip it on to the existing base.
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  1. You might wanna try removing the heatspeader, i removed mine on my 4200x2 and it dropped the tempatures 10-15 degrees under load. Its a bit risky you have to be very careful when removing it, but the results were very impressive. If your not 100% confident though dont try it you can kill your cpu. Youve been warned.
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