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Chrome Incognito mode still has a bad weakness when it comes to disabling auto site suggestions; I'd like to just turn it off in Incognito, and leave it on in regular mode. It's easier just to show you what's happening. I can't figure out how to disable the Auto Complete or URL suggestion option, and I've tried the obvious methods. And mods, the video is unlisted, so I'm not trying to promote my channel or whatever: use Win7. The stuff that shows up in fields varies from rig to rig, which means that there might be a way to keep the suggestions and history that pop up in fields and in the URL box from showing up whenever I start typing. What that way is, well, no one seems to know. I've posted a duplicate thread in Chrome's forums, but so far no one has responded. Google hasn't been so great when it comes to privacy, so this shouldn't be a surprise. I don't know if there is any search engine that doesn't do this kind of thing. IE is so tightly integrated with Windows that it might save searches and field entries as well. Firefox/Aurora's private browsing mode has weaknesses too, from what I've experienced. Changing browsers really isn't what I want to do. Chrome is my preferred browser, and I want to find a way to get it to 1. save searches, history, and field entries in normal mode and 2. act like a blank slate in incognito mode.

If I knew where the browsing information was stored, I could copy the old file with all of the browsing information, and create a second one for privacy browsing. That's assuming that Chrome creates a missing file if one has been renamed (Autodesk Maya does that). Another side note worth mentioning: web history with a Google account does not affect auto-fill entries and search suggestions. I sometimes leave my account open on computers at work (bad idea, don't do it), and none of those entries ever show up on my home rigs. I'd also like to know where passwords and username entries are stored. There are some webpages I've visited that have my username only automatically typed in when I visit the page, but not my password, and every time you mistype your user name, it will permanently show up in the list of usernames for that site. I want to be able to edit that list, and have it only store the usernames I want it to going forward. I'll have to think about setting up an alternate account. That requires a bit of management.

If it comes to a last resort, I guess I can delete whatever it takes to get the stupid suggestions to stop showing up. I wonder if it has something to do with my Google account login, since that keeps track of my history. But even then I get suggestions from my history when I'm not logged in to the Google account.

Any help would be welcome!
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  1. By now I've asked the people of MaximumPC, the Chrome Forums, and Tom's Hardware about Chrome suggestion disabling. I'm surprised that NO ONE has been able to solve it on the ENTIRE INTERNET. Do you know who I can ask about it next, since no one here seems to know?
  2. Firefox seems like a good alternative. I can just fire it up in incognito mode, but it still remembers my passwords and usernames to sites and displays them in incognito mode, and I can't turn those off temporarily when screencasting. I want to turn off suggestions in Chrome, and even though I've already turned it off in the options, it still keeps saving and displaying new suggestions based on history or common search results. I don't want autocomplete on all the time. Anyone got any suggestions?
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