APPCRASH I have tried to contact Microsoft (useless attempt) and there is no on

I have tried unsuccessfully to get my printer running properly and to no avail. Microsoft is not approachable. I spent 5 hours on the phone with tech support and they could not help. I need this thing working. Microsoft seems to know what the problem is but are not repairing it. They need to be forced to do something. This is costing people.

J. from Canada
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  1. Why not try and contact the printer's online support. Why contact Microsoft and ask them to, "get your printer running properly". Why ask for help here without revealing exactly which printer model you are referring to?
  2. I'm with badge. It's the printer manufacturers responsibility to make sure their product works with MS.

    What printer is it?
  3. I think you are very fortunate that Microsoft spent 5 hours on the phone with you for something that is not their responsability instead of telling you to contact the printer manufacturer.
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