Intel trying to release Tigerton in Sept

Well, It looks like Intel is doing its best to give AMD no breathing room what so ever. According to Digitimes they are planning to release their Tigertons in "early september". It looks like they are planning an accross the board intorduction, from the 2.4GHz Xeon E7120 dual core all the way up to the 2.93GHz Xeon 7350 quadcore. Bin prices will start @ $856 for the 7120 up to $2301 for the 7350. If AMD holds to their plan, it will be inetersting to see how the 2.4GHz Barcelonas will compare to the high end Tigertons in both price and performance.
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  1. Makes sense. Intel will want to wave a carrot in front of companies to keep them from switching to Barc, especially companies looking at 3+ socket systems.
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