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I am quite new in computers.
Lately my computer was running slow, and i was told by a friend that i should defragment my disk (i have windows xp pro). I didnt know how to do that, so i looked for online guides.
I came across this page -

I downloaded the file (exe) and to my surprise it automaticly defragmented my disk.
Did anyone hear about something like that before? How can i find more "macros"?
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  1. You're lucky. I wouldn't download and run unknown .exe files from unknown sites if I were you.

    (I say you were lucky, but who knows - you could have all sorts of malware on your computer now. I can't really imagine why you would need to run a macro to do an operation which is built in to Windows in the first place.)
  2. I checked the exe file now and the antivirus sais its ok.
    But still you are right, next time i will be more careful.

    I use the macro because i dont know how to do this myself.
    It does it for me perfectly.
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