Vista keeps freezing up.

Hi everyone.
Seems to have been happening the last couple weeks as to my system justs locks up and I have to restart. Watching videos, playing games floating the internet. Doesn't matter, it just locks up with no apparent reason. I haven't installed any new software/hardware and have installed only minor Windows Updates. My specs are as follows...
OS/ Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit (SP2).
RAM/ 4.0GB Dual ChannelDR2@399MHz.
CPU/ Intel Core2 Quad Q9400@2.66GHz.
Mobo/ ASUSTEK P5N-D (Sochet775).
GPU/ 512MB GeForce 9800GT (EVGA).
Audio/ Realtek High Defination Audio.
PSU is sufficient for hardware used.
Two optical drives

I used scandisk and checkdisk with no results. I have no junk files and my system is defragged.
I have had the latest and most stable of drivers for GPU and Realtek Audio. Where this never was an issue before.
I am at a complete loss, here, and any suggestions would be most welcomed. Thanks for any help you can give...Garry
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  1. Could have been a bad update that was installed. Try doing a system restore to a date prior to when this issue started happening and see if that helps. If so, let it update again and see if it starts again. If so, it is something with the update.
  2. buwish, thanks for your reply. I have used System Restore, but that didn't have any positive effects. I thought it was the Nvidia driver that I installed a couple weeks ago, so I went back to the one I know was stable. Not that either. Just 30 min. ago I was playing COD2 (not to GPU intense) and the system froze-up to where even the mouse is unresponsive. It took 4 times to finally boot into Windows. I don't know at this point if it's hardware or software, but it's making me nuts. Thanks again for your input...Garry
  3. Try reseating the ram.
  4. Jonmor68 said:
    Try reseating the ram.

    Thanks for your suggestion, but I should of posted where I have tried that. Thanks...Garry
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